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  • Fitness Central presents TREKFEST 2014 Spring is here and Trek has given us an opportunity to give you more than before. We have a huge selection of bikes in stock and every accessory you could want. It is a great time of year to buy and this weekend we can set you up with more [...]

  • The current rainy weather is not what we were hoping for this weekend but it will help melt the rest of the snow and get the trails ready for spring riding.  Our group road rides will begin this week, starting with the Fc Monday Evening Road Ride, leaving from Fitness Central at 5:30 pm.  Our road [...]

  • Daylight savings time is this weekend so days will be longer and the weather will get warmer.  It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and everyone is itching to ride.  We are not in the clear yet so please keep some things in mind with late winter riding:  Gravel on the road is a [...]

  • This has been a great winter for those who enjoy outdoor winter sports.  Skiing and snowboarding conditions have been great.  It was the first winter in 2 years I got to use my snowshoes.  I see XC ski tracks on every trail I go on.  Also, it was a good time to really get into [...]

  • The human body is designed to fight off infection and sickness with a healthy immune system. We are all prone to picking up some germ or virus from time to time. For those of you who are reading this, you probably make it a habit to be healthy and stay fit. The most popular place [...]

  • Limited Edition Fc Cycling kit Pre-order ends Friday, January 17th and will not be sold in store or available at all after that. You must get your orders in now!!!  Call Rob at 610-769-7300 ext 3# or email This is an exclusive offer to get a Limited Edition Fc Race uniform, which is pictured [...]

  • We are currently stocking 27.5″ full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes, along with a full stock of 29″ wheeled FS and hardtails as well. Check out our Genius 740 demo bikes. Jamis Bikes led the charge of the in-betweener wheel revolution with their line-up of 650b bikes.  Here we are, 5 years later and everyone is [...]

  • It’s that time of year again. Winter is almost here and our bicycle service department is in it’s slow season. Because of this, we are offering our 1/2 Price Complete Bicycle Overhaul SPECIAL ONLY $125 Regular $250 This is our most complete bicycle service package.  It includes: Complete disassembly of bicycle down to the frame Complete [...]

  • We are renovating our cardio room here at Fitness Central. We have the construction area tarped off but you may hear sawing and cutting and banging and maybe even some cussing (construction can be frustrating). We have moved all the equipment around so our showroom is still buyer friendly. This project is one of many [...]

  • Octane Fitness’ Q-Series Ellipticals are the best in the industry.  The design behind Octane ellipticals is the key to their success.  No other elliptical machine puts you in as ergonomically correct position as these machines do.  The lower body motion and upper body motion move the way the body wants to move. Why is this important? We [...]

  • We had a lot of fun with our Halloween Morning Costume Road Ride. We had 7 riders come out, all with costume, to have some fun and act stupid while riding road bikes. We did a good 25 mile loop with a stop at the Market Cafe’ for coffee. The group consisted of: An Army [...]

  • It has been a great year for us and we have been making renovations and changes to continue to bring you great products, services and a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience. We have been cleaning up the property the store is on and the inside of our showroom is in great shape. Our company logo [...]