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Free In-Store Maintenance Clinics

To sign up for any of these clinics, join our Meetup Fc Cycling Club and register. It's FREE!

FCU Road Side (or Trail Side) Repair Clinic - 6pm on the 1st Tuesday of every month

This Fitness Central University monthly Free Maintenance Clinic will show you how to handle basic road side or trail side repairs when they happen.  Our basic goal for this clinic is to demonstrate how to use all the contents of a well packed seat bag on your bicycle.

We will teach the following:

• Chain repair - emergency link repair with a chain tool and Quick-Link installation
• Torn or slashed tire - tire boot or emergency dollar bill method
• Post crash safety check and handlebar alignment
• Basic trail side wheel truing
• Barrel adjustments - lots of basic shifting issues can be resolved with some knowledge of how barrel adjusters work
• What to pack with you on every ride
• Multi-tool use 

This clinic is free and open to anyone who want to continue to learn how to be ready for anything that comes along while riding a bicycle.  Please bring your own bike and whatever bag you have with you when you ride.

FCUTire Change Clinic – 6pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month

Flat TireEvery cyclist, at some point in their riding career, will get a flat tire.  Knowing what to do when you get a flat means the difference between a 5 minute tire change and a potentially long and painful walk home.   Join us on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and learn this valuable skill. Everyone who attends is encouraged to bring their own bike.

We will cover:

  • Wheel removal & brake release
  • Proper tools to carry
  • Identifying how your tire went flat
  • Tire & tube removal
  • Tire & tube installation
  • Proper inflation
  • Wheel installation

After you attend this clinic you will know what you need and what to do to fix your flat tire.

Bicycle Shifting Clinic – 6pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month

Learn to ShiftWe have many customers who don’t use all those gears because they don’t know how or when. This free clinic will teach you when to shift and smooth shifting techniques. Bring your own bike and we will set up on rear wheel trainers either outside or in the shop if it rains. After the stationary session, we will go for a 15 minute ride to practice what you learned so bring a helmet. This clinic is limited to 5 people per session.  You must sign up for this clinic. We will address the following:

  • The difference between front and rear derailleurs
  • Proper and improper shift technique
  • What gear to use when
  • What a smooth shift should sound and feel like
  • It’s ok to use every gear on your bike

Our goal is to help you keep you pedals moving the same speed, no matter what the terrain is like. All style bike riders are welcome to attend. You MUST bring your own bike and helmet. Please email me at to sign up.

Drivetrain Maintenance Clinic – 6pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month

Dirty BikeThe drivetrain is the heart and soul of your bicycle. A healthy drivetrain will work better and last longer. The drivetrain is composed of the chain, cassette or freewheel, crankset, and derailleurs. It is important for any bike owner to know how to properly clean and lubricate this system and know what to look for when inspecting it. Come to the Drivetrain Maintenance Clinic on the 4th Tuesday of every month and learn this valuable information.

  • Identifying parts of the drivetrain and functions of those parts
  • Tools, lubricants and degreasers
  • How to inspect the drivetrain for wear
  • Removal of the chain & cassette
  • What to lubricate and what not to

You will probably get more information than you need but you will walk away knowing the right way to care for your bike and what products are needed to maintain it.


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