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Presta vs. Schrader

The 2 different valve types for bike tubes can be confusing.  Presta valves are the skinny ones with the removable pin.  Schrader ones are the ones like we use on our cars.  Watch this to find out how to use them.

Check your Chain

Bicycle chains wear out faster than tires do.  It is important to know how worn your chain is so you can replace it before it wears out the rest of your drivetrain or before it makes it impossible to ride.

Fit your Helmet

A bike helmet is only safe if it is worn properly.  If a helmet is too big, too small, sitting crooked, too far back or if the straps are not adjusted properly, it will not protect your skull the way it should in the event of a crash.  Watch this and ride safely.

Install a Trunk Rack

There are many trunk racks out there and they all, more or less, install the same.  The important things are to make it's tight and make sure the bikes sit level and are secured to the rack.  Watch this video for the finer points.

Install & Use a Thule Hitch Rack w/ Stinger assembly

Thule's Apex, Helium and new T2 Pro racks are equipped with a tools free installation system called the Stinger.  Watch this video to see how the best rack company in the world makes it easy as pie to put a rack on.

Scott Twin-Loc Remote lever

Scott Bikes makes an awesome handlebar control lever for full-suspension mountain bikes featuring Fox CTD suspension to keep front and rear suspension modes always balanced.  Check it out!

Quick Release Skewer

Quick Release is a wheel retention system used on almost all bikes these days.  The axle is hollow and the QR skewer clamps the wheel into the dropout of the fork and frame.  Watch this video to make sure you are using it correctly.

Pack for a bicycle Day Trip

You can easily spend a day out on the bike as long as you pack for it.  There are some necessities that will make your day out safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable.  


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