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Scott Bikes are part of the Scott Sports family, making the best outdoor sports equipment in the world.  Scott can brag that they make the lightest weight complete bikes in any given price range.  Read the Scott Story here.

Scott has been making carbon bikes longer than anyone.  Scott's HMF carbon layup is the strongest and lightest on the market.  

Twin-Loc is a proprietary lock out switch on the handlebar to simultaniously control the front and rear suspension.  The system works with Fox CTD forks and shocks giving the rider a completely balanced and controlled suspension setup.

Scott road bike lineup features the race ready Addict, the full aero FOIL and the performance endurance Solace.  CR1 and Speedster series complete their lineup giving great performance at a great price.

Scott Scale 900 SL - 2016

Humble the competition with Scott’s Scale 900 SL. This purebred XC demon… [more]

Scott Scale JR 24 - 2016

Maximize your little ripper's trail-riding fun with Scott's Scale JR 24.… [more]

Scott Scale 900 RC Frame - 2015

Light, fast, and graceful—Scott’s Scale 900 RC Frame virtually floats over… [more]

Scott Spark 900 Premium Frameset - 2016

Spark some fear in the competition at your next XC race. Scott’s Spark 900… [more]

Scott Spark 760 - 2016

Fast, efficient, and fun—Scott’s Spark 760 is your bike for cross country… [more]

Scott Addict Team Issue - 2015

Ready for world class speed? Scott’s Addict Team Issue has been dominating… [more]

Scott Addict 15 Di2 - 2015

Climb, sprint, and put your riding buddies off the back with Scott's… [more]

Scott Contessa Solace 25 - Women's - 2015

An incredibly smooth ride is the trademark of the Scott Contessa Solace.… [more]

Scott Foil Team Issue Frameset - 2016

One day classics, Grand Tour stages, and your next ride: the places where… [more]

Scott Genius 720 - 2016

Scott's spry Genius 720 rips trails with a feathery HMF carbon frame that… [more]

Scott Scale 900 SL - 2015

Humble the competition with Scott’s Scale 900 SL. This purebred XC demon… [more]

Scott Genius 910 - 2015

Scott's Genius 910 is light enough to set the pace on climbs yet has… [more]

Scott Sportster 40 - 2015

Scott's Sportster 40 is ready for paths, streets and more. It's made from… [more]

Scott Addict 10 - 2015

Reach climbing euphoria with Scott’s Addict 10; with its HMF carbon and… [more]

Scott Scale 700 RC Frame - 2015

Mantelpiece looking a little barren? Scott’s Scale 700 RC Frame is the… [more]

Scott Genius 700 Premium - 2016

Premium is an apt name for Scott's all-mountain Genius 700 Premium. The… [more]

Scott Solace 10 - 2015

Scott’s Solace 10 balances speed and comfort for a silky-smooth ride.… [more]

Scott Contessa Speedster 45 - Women's - 2016

The light, double-butted-aluminum frame and carbon fork of Scott's… [more]


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