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Inspire Fitness CR Cross Rower

Bi-directional resistance activates all the muscles of the body • Quick release bindings for safety • 28 lb. flywheel guarantees a smooth motion • Upper body handles offer multiple positions to vary the muscle involvement • Seat and handles are both fully adjustable to accommodate different sized… [more]

Octane Fitness Lateral X
$6,999.00 - $9,598.00

Move in a New Direction Fire up your home gym big time with the new LateralX elliptical machine, a total reinvention of cross training. The award-winning LateralX offers 3D adjustable motion in multiple, varying planes so you burn 27% more calories by activating more leg muscles – 30% more in the… [more]

Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR7

Fuel Your Addiction With the Zero Runner, we cracked the code to provide a natural, smooth motion that truly replicates running but without the impact. Extend your running career, run faster, become more efficient and strengthen your muscles by cross-training with zero-impact running. The Zero… [more]

Octane Fitness XT-One
$7,099.00 - $8,199.00

MEET THE NEXT GENERATION OF CROSS-TRAINERS Maximize your home fitness room with this all-in-one elliptical machine that does it all. The new XT-One equips users to walk, run, hike or climb for customized workouts – all on ONE revolutionary machine. No more having to fit in different adaptations of… [more]

Hoist Mi6 Functional Trainer

NEW streamlined design conceals all of the unit’s hardware and includes a Carbon Fiber printed shrouding and an Adjustable Tablet Compartment. The pulley systems are combined with 360° Rotating Columns, a unique Patent Pending Internal Adjuster System and Quick-Release Adaptors to offer smooth and… [more]

Inspire Fitness FT1 Gym System

Inspire's FT1 for functional training allows you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. These unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way your body naturally moves. Many of the freestanding exercises incorporate core,… [more]

Hoist Half Cage Ensemble

Embrace endless exercise variety with Hoist's Half Cage Ensemble. This all-in-one cage system offers traditional barbell and dumbbell lifting, the silky-smooth, self-spotting safety of a Smith machine, and the convenience of a 200-pound weight stack for high-pulley, low-pulley and butterfly… [more]


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