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Fitness Central introduces:

We will PICK UP and/or DROP OFF repair bicycles within a 20 minute drive for a standard fee each way.

(Drive time based on Google maps time estimate.  Over 20 minute drive is subject to additional trip charge)

Call today 610-769-7300 x2


  • $10 one way for 1st bike

  • $5 each additional bike

  • $30 mandatory minimum charge to cover diagnostic time for declined service or Fix-it for Life Free Service bikes ($10 of that is credited towards repair and the other $20 is for pick up / drop off)

  • $20 additional trip charge over 20 minutes away

  • $75 same day pick up and/or rush drop off

  • $40 Rush service charge for next day repair

Scheduling Pick Up and service

  • Service appointment will be scheduled at time of inital service phone call to get the bike in our service queue

  • Pick up appointment will be scheduled within 5 business days

  • Customer will get repair estimate within 24 hours of bike pick up

  • Drop off will be scheduled once repair is complete

  • Payment will be collected after service is complete

Visit our Bicycle Service  page here for all details and rates on bike repair