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Fit Studio Testimonials

Fitness Central's Fit Studio will improve your comfort and performance on your bike...guaranteed.

Don't just take our word for it.  See what others are saying about their experience at Fitness Central's Fit Studio.

So what I have concluded from my bike fit from Fc Shop a couple of weeks ago. I went into the bike fit usually avg around 19.6-19.8 MPHs for my longer rides (60-80miles). So since then I have had two more long rides. I kept them on my regular route so I could compare - 1st ride post bike fit avg 20.4 MPHs (in the pouring rain) and 2nd one was 20.8 MPH.

So yep it worked I would say. I came off my bike faster by 1 full MPH - and my transition run faster by over a 1 min and a 1/2 over 3 miles. So fastest training ride and run. Head out to Fc Shop and get your bike fit. SUPER HAPPY with these RESULTS - Thanks Rob Takacs!!

Kenrick Smith 
Ironman Triathlete, race coach, personal trainer

Just picked up my Boone 7 disk. The fit program is amazing. They make sure that you will have the most comfortable ride on the road or trail.

Rob is very knowledgeable when sizing you up for a proper fit. I highly recommend it. Thanks again Rob. I am a very satisfied customer. The staff is friendly and will definitely recommend FC to friends and family.

All around a great experience. If your looking for a superior way to protect your frame I highly recommend Shelter. Comes in a pack or a shop roll.

John Kurtz 
Local trail rider

Thanks Rob for the bike fit—26 miles no knee pain!

Linda Merlo 
Recreational rail trail and mountain biker

It's here, Nick's new bike from Fitness Central! Nick was very impressed with Rob's fitting expertise. Thanks Rob!

Amy Wressell 
Received comment about Nick's new Trek Fuel EX 9 mountain bike

Very happy with the staff and support helping me select a new road bike. Rob did an awesome job with the Precision Fit!

Mark Doran
Road & gravel cyclist, fat bike rider
Ride leader for Lehigh Wheelmen and FC Cycling Club

I’ve been road riding for 15 years and consider myself to be an avid cyclist.  Because I was never officially fit for a bike, last year (2015) I scheduled a Pro Bike Fit with Rob at Fitness Central. 

The difference in my riding and comfort on the bike is amazing.  I no longer have neck or wrist pain after riding more than 20 miles.  I have much more power on hills and I’m faster on the flats.  My energy and effort is now directed into the pedals because my position on the bike is more accurate.  

The time and investment is well worth it.  It has saved me numerous chiropractic and doctor visits which I have had to do in the past.  Rob is very professional and spent extra time with me to ensure all the measurements were correct. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise.  

My bike now fits like a hand in a beautiful hand stitched leather glove.  Do yourself a favor and schedule a bike fit with Rob today.

Donalee Frary
Road cyclist
Ride leader for Lehigh Wheelmen and FC Cycling Club

Thanks Rob for the awesome bike fit. I initially had one about 4 years ago when I first started road cycling. After about 10,000 miles later, it was time for a new fit. As Rob said, I’m no longer the person I was 4 years ago, plus I have new riding goals. 

This time around it was much easier to do a fit, since he had all my original specs. What a difference! Today I rode a full 100 miles with a new bike, new fit, and new saddle. Couldn’t have happened without the fantastic work from Rob and Fitness Central. You all rock!

Tammy Doran
Road & gravel cyclist, fat bike rider
Ride leader for Lehigh Wheelmen and FC Cycling Club

I had an excellent experience with Rob Takacs, from selection of bike to bike fitting. I have had several bike fittings at other locations, however I have never experienced such a thorough and comprehensive fit. From the initial interview, shoe/ cleat and pedal analysis to the video review was quite impressive and has made a difference in my comfort and power. The follow up to ensure my satisfaction is complete is scheduled soon, and although a few "tweaks" may be needed, I am completely satisfied.

Andy Pestcoe
Road cyclist

I purchased a Trek Emonda SL6 from Fitness Central and had decided going in that I wanted a fit, as my previous bike was just a little too big for my build.  To put it simply, I’ll never buy another bike without being fitted for it. 

During the fit process which took about 3 hours +/-, there were two points of adjustment that were what would probably be considered to be “minor” adjustments. One was a frame size adjustment, the second was bar width and both were immediately felt on the fitting machine.  It was night and day.  Left to make the purchase on my own, I would have purchased 1 frame size too large, and the bars would be too narrow.  I wouldn’t be as comfortable, and I wouldn’t enjoy the bike as much as I do. 
I’ve now put almost 500 miles on my new bike and have enjoyed every mile.  I’m now riding more often,  and completing longer rides than on my older bike.  If you’re making the investment in a new bike, make the investment to make sure it fits your build and get the most out of your investment. 

Chris Volk
Road cyclist

I am a 60 yo life long cyclist. In my 30's I rode a couple of Double Century Rides, through my 40's and early 50's, I rode about 4-6 thousand miles a year, many years with at least one Century or Metric Century ride. I have a beautiful 1999 Klein Quantum Race with Ultegra components and a Mavic Classics Elite wheel set (straight pull spokes, very stiff). I have maintained it scrupulously. Over the past several years I began losing enthusiasm for riding, especially longer distances. I have maintained a weekly mileage of 70-110 miles, but it became a chore. The bike was just no longer comfortable. The geometry was too tight and the ride too stiff for my own 60 year-old frame. 

Even though I felt bad about hanging up the Klein, I went to Fitness Central in Schnecksville, and spent over 3 hours with Rob and the Trek Precision Fitting system. I decided on a 60 cm Trek Domane SL 5, with Speedplay pedals, with different axle lengths to compensate for a rather significant out-toeing on my right foot, and a different sized stem and seat. Disc brakes. The bike fit like perfectly, except that I prefer a higher saddle height than was recommended. The ride is so smooth. The ISO Speed absorbs the bumps and potholes and are not nearly so bone crushing.

I am riding more rails to trails, and the bike performs beautifully on both paved and gravel trails. It does pretty well on mellow single track as well! I have completed a couple of 30+ mile road rides here in hilly PA and I feel much less fatigued, and more energized, like I used to! It is heavier than the Klein, but I am heavier too. Once I loose some, because I am riding longer, it will be a wash. Compromises were made as I needed to spend under 3 grand... the 105 group is capable, but not as smooth as the Ultegra. I am not sure the disc brakes are worth it for me, yet. The bike is not as fast, but so much more comfortable. However, I am now excited about riding again and for a 2600 dollar bike, it's perfect! I am very satisfied!!

Mark P.
Road cyclist