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Fix-It for LIFE

FREE Lifetime Bicycle Service Plan

All new bicycles purchased at Fitness Central come with a Free Lifetime Service Plan

What is covered?  All basic adjustments, lubrication and accessory installation, for as long as you own the bike.

*Any major work needed including hydraulic brake bleeds and full tune-ups must be brought in between October and February in order to be free.  Minor on the spot maintenance and repair such as lubrication and single item adjustments can be done year round. Click here for Terms & Conditions.

This service plan is designed to keep your bike working properly.  It is preventative in nature.  Some repairs are outside the spectrum of what our Fix-It for LIFE plan covers.  For a full pricelist, including a column that gives rates on what you can expect to pay for individual services, click the button.

Bicycle Service Pricelist

Including, but not limited to:

  • Shift adjust
  • Brake adjust
  • Hydraulic brake bleed labor ($12 fluid and disposal charge is applied and bleed must be done every 2 years)
  • Wheel truing
  • Spoke install
  • Tire/tube install
  • Brake pad install
  • Shift system lubrication
  • Chain lubrication
  • Brake lubrication
  • FC Purchased accessory installation
  • FC Purchased part installation
  • Basic bike sizing services

Not Included:

  • Parts are not included
  • Service needed due to neglect (click for attached description of neglect)
  • Service needed due to crash damage
  • Service needed due to owner modification.  Any part not installed by Fitness Central will not be service under our Free Fix-It for LIFE Plan.
  • Suspension services (fork, shock maintenance or overhauls)
  • Suspension linkage disassembly 
  • Advanced, Deluxe Tune-Ups and Complete Overhauls
  • Installation of any part purchased elsewhere
  • Selective upgrades and component installation
  • See the terms and conditions page here for a complete description

We do all basic adjustments on the spot, whenever possible.  If we are busy, you may need to leave the bike with us.  This plan in non-transferable.

The better your bike works, the more you are our customer.  Buy a bike at Fitness Central and we will keep you rolling.