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Lifetime Labor Warranty

We have a full service department because we know the nature of fitness equipment.  At some point in the life of your equipment, it will need to be repaired as you use it. 

Our mantra is "we didn't make it, we didn't break it, but we can fix it!"

The details:

  • The Lifetime Labor Warranty is $99.99 at the time of initial purchase on any cardio or strength equipment.
  • This program covers equipment used in a single residential home only. Not available for commercial or a multi-family residential application.
  • Fitness Central will extend the labor warranty of your fitness equipment for the life of the equipment, or for as long as repair parts are supported by the manufacturer.
  • You will not incur a labor charge for diagnosis or repairs for each piece of equipment you have paid to cover.
  • All diagnosis will first be addressed by a technician over the phone.
  • You must live within a 30 mile radius of the store.

The Lifetime Labor Warranty covers all repair diagnostic and subsequent repair visits.  Additional fee-based services that are not part of this plan are as follows:

  • Belt tracking, leveling and lubing are NOT covered under this plan.  These are simple end user adjustments and services that we can guide you through over the phone or with our YouTube video library.
  • Preventative Maintenance visits are not part of Lifetime Labor Warranty, but are an important part of owning fitness equipment and should be performed regularly.
  • Moving home fitness equipment to a different room or another location is a service we offer for an additional fee.
  • Fitness Central does not offer a program to extend your parts warranty.
  • A $75 service fee will be applied for a scheduled Lifetime Labor Warranty service visit if (1) the machine does not symptom for our technician (2) no one is home for the scheduled service appointment.

This extended labor warranty is non-transferable. 

This service is available for each individual piece of fitness equipment purchased at Fitness Central.  For multiple purchases, each piece purchased must purchase a separate Lifetime Labor Warranty plan to cover that equipment.  The $99.99 fee is non-negotiable.

Terms and Conditions

With the purchase of the lifetime service plan, lifetime service means as long as the manufacturer supports this product with parts, Fitness Central will have a technician repair the machine.

This service plan is put together to help prolong a reasonable lifespan of your fitness equipment under normal use and service conditions.  You must live within our service area.  Customers must pay for any parts that are required that are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Customers are also required to pay for any shipping charges that may apply.  All repairs that need parts for your machine must come directly from the manufacturer.  In the event a customer finds aftermarket or used parts, there will be a fee for a technician to repair and Fitness Central will hold no responsibility for the work completed.  The machine is expected to be put in a place where it can perform properly.  This includes proper power to the equipment.  Customers are responsible for the cleanliness of the machine.

Preventative Maintenance service is available but is not included with this plan.  Belt-tracking, leveling and lubing after delivery are not covered under our lifetime labor warranty.  There is a charge per visit for such services.

Fitness Central is not responsible for any repairs due to the following, but not limited to, list:

Moisture from sweat, moisture from mother nature, pet or animal damage, neglect of ownership, machine being used in any other way other that its intended use, customer modifications, fire, use in a light institutional, pay for, or commercial facility, or if the machine does not show any symptoms of problems and is working to its ability.

Any of the above reasons will void a free service to a minimum service charge or refusal of repair.  Fitness Central is not responsible for any repairs that the manufacturer will not cover.

Fitness Central is not liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product; damages with the respect to any economic loss, loss of property, loss of revenue or profits, loss of enjoyment or use, or cost of removal or installation; or other consequential damages or any kind.

This contract is only good to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.  All current terms and condition are posted in store or online.  Conditions are subject to change or modification.  Fitness Central has reserved the right to cancel this contract at any time due to unforeseen changes or conditions.