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Treadmill Home Maintenance Clinic – 6pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month

Treadmill RepairTreadmills are the quintessential cardio piece for any home fitness room.  A treadmill is the most important machine to maintain due to the fact that it has more wear items and moving parts the most other pieces of cardio equipment.  The treadmill works, essentially, by pulling the user across a deck, on a running belt, driven by a motor, which are all working hard to keep the user at the correct speed.  If these parts are not maintain they will fail to do their job.  Running is a high impact activity, which also puts incredible strain on the machine.

We will cover:

  • Removal of shrouds or hoods
  • How to clean the motor area
  • How to adjust & track the running belt and check for wear
  • How to check deck for lube and when to flip it (if it has a reversable deck)
  • Console - how to check hours, mileage and other diagnostic features

After you attend this clinic you will have a better understanding why a treadmill works the way it does and what kinds of things you can do to maintain it.

Elliptical Home Maintenance Clinic – 6pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month

Elliptical ServiceElliptical machines provide a high intensity, low impact cardio workout.  They don't get the same level of abuse as a treadmill but have several pivots and bearing interfaces that need regular attention.  Ellipticals have many pivot points that use either bearings or bushings.  If these pivots are not tight enough, insufficiently lubricated or out of alignment, they will get noisy and ultimately fail.

We will cover:

  • Removal of all necessary shrouds
  • How to clean wheels and rails
  • Cleaning inside of the machine
  • Checking for pivot tightness
  • What to lube, what not to lube
  • Basic console overview

After you attend this clinic you will have a better undestanding what is going on inside your elliptical and why maintenance is necessary.

Home Gym Maintenance Clinic – 6pm on the 4th Thursday of every month

Home GymHome gyms give users the ability to get a full body workout from one station.  Because of this versatility, the gym has many cables, pivots, nuts and bolts that give the user the range of motion to properly perform their exercises.  This mean, lots of moving parts need to be checked and lubed to always work well.

We will cover:

  • How to check for worn cables
  • How to replace a cable
  • What to lube nad what not to lube
  • Greasing guide rods
  • Adjsuting cables tension

After you attend this clinic you will understand the ins and outs of a typical home gym and the importance of a regular maintenance routine.