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Free Lifetime Service Plan 

All new Trek, Specialized, and Jamis bicycles purchased at Fitness Central come with a Free Lifetime Service Plan. What is covered? All basic adjustments, lubrication and accessory installation, for as long as you own the bike. 

We will perform basic adjustments on the spot, whenever possible. If we are busy, you may need to leave the bike with us. 

*Any major work needed, including full tune-ups and hydraulic brake bleeds, must be brought in between the months of October through February in order to be free. 

This Free Lifetime Service Plan is designed to keep your bike working properly. It is preventative in nature. Some repairs are outside the spectrum of what our Free Lifetime Service Plan covers.


  • Shifting adjustments
  • Brake adjustments
  • Hydraulic brake bleed labor (a $15 fluid and disposal fee is charged, and a brake bleed must be done every 2 years)
  • Basic wheel truing
  • Labor for spoke installation
  • Labor for tire/tube installation
  • Labor for brake pad installation
  • Shifting system lubrication
  • Chain lubrication
  • Brake lubrication
  • Installation of accessories purchased at Fitness Central
  • Installation of parts purchased at Fitness Central
  • Basic bike sizing services

Not Included:

  • Parts are not included
  • Service needed due to neglect (click for attached description of neglect)
  • Service needed due to crash damage
  • Service needed due to owner modification
  • Any part not installed by Fitness Central will not be serviced under our Free Lifetime Service Plan
  • Suspension services (fork, shock maintenance or overhauls)
  • Suspension linkage disassembly 
  • Advanced tune-ups and complete overhauls
  • Installation of any part or accessory purchased elsewhere
  • Selective upgrades and component installation
  • See the terms and conditions below for a complete description

We will perform basic adjustments on the spot, whenever possible. If we are busy, you may need to leave the bike with us.  This plan is non-transferable.

Buy your bike at Fitness Central and we will keep you rolling smoothly.

Terms & Conditions

In this situation, the term “Lifetime” is defined as “a reasonable life for a bicycle to be maintained”.  The term “maintenance” is defined as "service performed on a regular basis in accordance with our service interval schedule".  Bikes are to be stored in a dry, climate controlled environment.  Any bike left outside or stored at the beach will void its maintenance plan.  Fitness Central reserves the right to refuse service on any bike that is not properly maintained.  Parts are not included.

Hydraulic brake bleed labor is covered when the brakes are not performing to optimal standards. A $12 fluid and disposal charge is applied and the brake bleed must be done every 2 years. Fc Bike Shop will not touch brakes that have not been serviced in 4 years without a full replacement deposit.  

The Free Lifetime Service Plan does not include service needed due to neglect, home mechanical work, crash damage or owner modification.

Any part serviced or replaced by anyone other than Fitness Central will void the Free Lifetime Service Plan.  The Free Lifetime Service Plan does not include selective upgrades (wheel builds, tubeless system installs, fork or shock upgrades, etc.). It also does not include suspension & brake overhauls (fork, shock, dropper post, hydraulic brake), advanced and deluxe tune-ups and full component installations. A discounted fee will be applied to such services.

Contact our bike service center for a complete list of services and their fees, as well as recommended service intervals.  We do not perform free installations on parts purchased elsewhere.  

Regular service intervals are necessary for proper functioning of your bicycle.  Our maintenance plan covers regular work that can be expected for a bike that is being used for its recommended purpose.  If you choose not to perform these services, Fitness Central reserves the right not to work on your bike.

This plan is non-transferable and covers the original purchaser only.  All current terms and conditions are posted online. 

Conditions are subject to change without notice.  Fitness Central has reserved the right to cancel this contract at any time due to unforeseen changes or conditions.  Fitness Central is not liable for indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance on the product: damages with the respect to any economic loss, loss of property, loss of revenue or profits, loss on enjoyment or use or cost of removal or installation: or other consequential damages of any kind.