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Fitness Central Fit Studio

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No matter if you are a recreational rider, criterium racer or triathlete, your position on the bike is critical.  No fit system is designed to make your bike fit your body better than Trek Precision Fit. 

Through evidence based fitting, Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis and a medically developed fit system, Fitness Central Fit Studio will make you a faster, more efficient and more comfortable rider. 

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Motion Capture Professional Bike Fitting

Hi-speed Motion Capture Dynamic Video Analysis allows our fitter to observe and measure your pedaling and biomechanics as it actually happens.  You will see, step-by-step, what your body is doing on the bike throughout the entire process.  We use Video Analysis for all level fit sessions.  Our Purely Custom adjustable fit bike is used on all drop bar and tri/TT fits.  Mountain bike and hybrid fits are performed on the customers bicycle on a rear wheel trainer.

It is not uncommon for existing bike and new bikes to need new saddle, bars, stem, or cranks.  Our goal is to help create the most enjoyable experience for you on your bicycle.  Bring all riding gear including your bike, favorite riding shorts, jersey, gloves and water.  If you have any extra parts such as stems or saddles, please bring them along too.  Following a fit session, your bike will be put in queue in the Fc Service Department to get any new parts installed.  Fit part installation is subject to our current bike service rates. Our turn-around on post-fit installations is 48 hours.

Fitness Central Fit Studio

Precision Fit Process

  1. Rider Interview
  2. Physical assessments - Standing Assessment, Table Flexibility Assessment, Core & Strength Tests
  3. Starting Position
  4. Shoe/Cleat/Pedal Interface
  5. Lower Body Setup
  6. Upper Body Setup
  7. Record, advise and follow up

All level fit sessions include a 60-day comfort guarantee and follow up visit.  Initial fit sessions are scheduled as a Standard Level Fit with the potential to move to an Advanced Level Fit based on physical characteristics such as asymmetry, pain, injuries, leg length discrepencies or other such human imperfections.

Standard Level Bike Fitting


Road, Mountain, Hybrid, Cyclocross - $125 with a new bike purchase from Fitness Central

Standard Level Bike Fit is our starting point for most riders.  This 2-3 hour session will look at getting the bike set up to your unique body.  We focus on your contact points with the bike and how they affect your comfort and performance.  This is vital when purchasing a new bicycle.

  • Standard Level Fit Session
Interview, Physical History & Rider Goals
Standing visual alignment assessment
Basic Physical Flexibility & Stability Assessment
Foot/Pedal/Cleat analysis and alignment
Upper & lower body analysis
Side profile 2D Video analysis of cycling position throughout the process
Detailed post-fit Motion Capture report
60-day Fit Comfort Guarantee

Advanced Level Bike Fitting


Road, Mountain, Hybrid, Cyclocross - $200 with a new bike purchase from Fitness Central

Advanced Level Bike Fit is the most complete fitting service you can ask for.  This 3-4 hour session will look at the body from a 360 degree perspective, incorporate advanced level physical assessments and stability testing, and may require follow up visits.  The Advanced Level Fit requires more time and more focus to look at areas of concern that our Standard Fit will not cover.

Advanced Level Fit Session

All Aspects of Standard Level Fit Session
Advanced Level Physical Flexibility and Range of Motion Tests
Advanced Level Strength and Stability Tests
Static and Dynamic Foot Assessment with Insole sizing
360 Degree Motion Capture Analysis
Knee Tracking Analysis

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Triathlon Bike Fitting


$150 with a new bike purchase from Fitness Central

Triathlon Bike Fit utilizes aspects of both Standard and Advanced Level fits and focuses more on the individual riders goals and distance.  Because the tri fit pushes the limits of a persons flexibility, it is very important to optimize positioning on the bike to conserve energy for the run.  This is a 3-4 hour session.  Riders should bring their tri kit and helmet.

Triathlon Fit Session

  • All Aspects of Standard Level Fit Session
  • Crank Length analysis
  • 360 Degree Motion Capture Analysis
  • Knee Tracking Analysis
  • Pedal Pressue Analysis

Triathletes are encouraged to schedule fits, at least 2 months prior to their next race.  The body needs time to get used to new positions and it will allow our fitter to work with you to optimize comfort, power, sustainability and energy conservation.

Hourly Fit Follow-Up / Refit Services


All follow-up visits must be preceded by a full level fit session

All Level fit sessions come with a 60-day fit comfort guarantee to fine tune changes and adjustments that we made in that session. We will schedule a follow-up visit approximately 30 days after your fit session. If there is additional time needed from a Standard Fit to perform more advanced level assessments and adjustments, follow-up services are subject to a $100 hourly rate.

A yearly fit check-up is recommended to ensure the bike is optimized for you changing body and changing goals. This hourly rate is applicable to anyone that has had a fit performed and just needs adjustments.

Basic Bike Sizing (Not Fitting)

FREE with any bike purchase

We do our best to get you on the right bike in the right size.  Whether you are buying a high-end carbon fiber road bike, trail taming full-suspension mountain bike or cushy, comfy bike path comfort bike, we can easily make sure that you are in the right position to enjoy your experience.  Basic Bike Sizing will ensure the seat and handlebars are at the appropriate height for you.*

  • Saddle height & for/aft adjust
  • Stem/handlebar height adjust
  • Test ride comfort check

*Bike sizing is not bike fitting.  Bike sizing is a quick and generic way for us to set your bike up for your leg length.  It does not take into account anything about your flexibility, stability, injuries or any other physical limitations.  Bike sizing does not include any of the paid services listed above.  If, after riding, you determine that your bike could fit you better, we offer the above services to address your specific individual needs.