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 In-store Only - (pricing not on website)

Fitness Equipment Sales & Service

Fitness Central is the Lehigh Valley’s premier fitness equipment provider.  Our goal is to match you up with the right equipment to achieve your fitness goals.  We strive to give each customer the best experience possible.  Why FC?

  • Fully stocked showroom in Schnecksville
  • iPad Integration technology on new equipment
  • Delivery and installation services available on all equipment
  • Residential service
  • FC employed service department
  • Fix-It for LIFE $99 Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • 17 years of experience


Do you like to run?  Do you enjoy incline training?  Do you just want to jog?  Grab your running shoes and come in ready to try out our floor models.  We will help you choose the treadmill that’s right for you.



Elliptical machines have become the most popular type of fitness equipment.  Every machine feels different so be sure to come in and try out all of them to find your elliptical.

  • Stride adjust, incline adjust and fixed stride machines
  • Great selection from Octane, Matrix and Horizon Fitness
  • Delivery and assembly services available
  • Fix-It for LIFE $99 Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • Pricing starts at $899

Indoor Bikes

Indoor Bikes

The exercise bike is a classic home fitness tool.  It is a low impact workout that anyone can do.  We have upright and recumbent bikes.  For something more intense, try a spin bike.

  • Great selection from Matrix, Horizon, Lemond and Inspire Fitness
  • Upright and recumbent bikes give you simple to advanced programability options
  • Spin bikes with friction resistance or electromagnetic resistance and programs
  • Bike fitting included in bike purchase
  • Delivery and assembly services available
  • Fix-It for LIFE $99 Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • Pricing starts at $499

Home Gyms

Home Gyms

Home gyms give you the ability to get a full body workout from one station.  It is a safe and easy way to strength train.

  • Great gyms from Inspire, Hoist Fitness, and Body Solid here for you to try
  • Functional trainers and traditional gyms available
  • Delivery and assembly services available
  • Fix-It for LIFE $99 Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • Pricing starts at $999



Freeweights are the oldest and the most effective way to strength train, as long as you know what your doing.  Proper form is critical with freeweights but they will allow you more variety and much higher weight than a home gym.

  • Lowest price on iron in the area
  • Full selection of bars and accessories
  • Freeweight machines and single stations available

Other Fitness Equipment

Other Fitness Equipment

This category includes all those fitness pieces that don’t fit in with your traditional fitness categories.

  • Rowers, recumbent steppers, Ab-Coaster, inversion tables
  • Several models on the floor to try out with many more available to order
  • Delivery and assembly services available
  • Fix-It for LIFE $99 Lifetime Labor Warranty

Used Equipment & Trade-Ins

Used Equipment & Trade-Ins

Fitness Central does offer pre-owned equipment.  We only sell used equipment that still works.

  • All used equipment is specialty fitness store quality
  • Used pieces come and go quickly, so stop by to see what we have
  • Update your old equipment for new equipment with our trade-in plan
  • Delivery and installation available


Let us help you customize your home gym with one of our flooring options.

  • Solid, rubber gym flooring will be odor free, non-absorbent and easy to clean
  • Interlocking flooring for entire rooms for less than carpeting would cost
  • Color specs selection varies, call for available inventory
  • Call us for a quote on your fitness room

Fitness Accessories

Everyone is different when it comes to fitness.  There are so many accessories available to allow you to get as creative as you want with your workouts.

  • Stability balls, medicine balls and resistance bands are some of the more popular items
  • Cable attachments and home gym accessories are always in stock
  • Yoga mats and accessories
  • Plyo boxes, combat ropes, foam rollers, ankle weights and much more


We didn’t make it, we didn’t break it, but we can fix it! At some point, your fitness equipment will break down if you use it.  Fitness Central has an in-house service department and we will be here when you need us.

  • Our Fix-It for LIFE Lifetime Service Plan means we take care of you and your equipment as long as you own it
  • Industry trained technicians qualified to service Fitness Central purchased equipment
  • Stocked service trucks