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DIY Maintenance & Repair Videos

Fitness equipment requires regular preventative maintenance service to perform properly over time. Fitness Central provides these videos about preventative maintenance, periodic adjustments, and common repairs as an educational resource only. 

Only qualified personnel familiar with electrical test procedures, test equipment, and safety precautions should attempt to diagnose any issues, make any adjustments, or replace internal parts on the equipment. 

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Treadmill — How to Track & Tension the Belt

The running belt on your treadmill has to stay centered to work properly and not creep off the rollers. Tracking the belt is a simple process.  Watch and learn.

Treadmill — Preventative Maintenance

Treadmills take the most abuse of any home fitness equipment because it is a high impact activity.  This video will take you through how to properly maintain your treadmill to ensure you have done what you can to reduce breakdowns.

Elliptical — Preventative Maintenance

An elliptical machine has several moving parts and pivots that can loosen over time.  Belts, pulleys, and pivots need to be inspected.  Even though an elliptical is  relatively low impact, it needs regular maintenance to continue to function properly..

Treadmill — Motor Test

One of several diagnostics that are possible for you to do at home.  If you are getting power to the console, but the belt is not moving, start by testing to make sure the motor works.

Treadmill — Testing the Lower Control Board

You will need to test the Lower Control Board (LCB) if you are getting power to the motor but no power to the console.  You may also need to test the LCB if it's getting power but nothing else turns on.

Treadmill — Amp Draw Test

You will need to test AMP draw on a treadmill to determine if the belt and deck are worn.  A worn deck and belt causes excessive power draw and will burn out the treadmill.

Elliptical — Drive Belt Installation

Drive belts will wear out and lose tension over time.  It is a common wear item that can easily be replaced.

Elliptical — Servo Motor Replacement

The servo motor is a simple device that changes resistance on your elliptical.  This motor tells the brake how much resistance to add.  If it fails, you will need to replace it.

Elliptical — Center Shaft Bearing Replacement

Bearings in the center of the machine are sealed units and if they go, they need to be replaced.  Watch how.

Elliptical — Inner Brake Cable Replacement

Brake cables need to be replaced if they break.  If they are broken, the machine may say you are at a certain resistance level but the brake is not changing resistance.