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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance service is necessary to keep your home fitness equipment operating at it's best. Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, steppers, and home gyms are not the same as your typical household appliances. 

They are more like your car than your washing machine in that they need continuous care to provide the user with many worry free miles. Take care of your investment and stay fit at home.

A Fitness Central technician will clean inside the machine, inspect, tighten, adjust and lubricate the equipment. 

It is the owner's responsibility to periodically wipe down all the external surfaces of the equipment to keep it clean and dust free. Additionally, cleaning of the surrounding area of the equipment will not be performed by Fitness Central technicians

Treadmills - $149

Treadmills are the most important machine to maintain due to the fact that they have more wear items and moving parts than other machines.  A treadmill works by pulling you across a deck by a belt driven by a motor.  Running is a high impact activity, which puts a lot of strain on the machine as well.  Our technician will perform the following services to your treadmill:

  • Remove motor cover and remove all dirt and debris from motor compartment
  • Lube elevation motor shaft
  • Check and adjust drive belt tension
  • Take high voltage readings with a meter (if reading is high, machine may be worn out)
  • Clean deck and belt surface
  • Lubricate belt and deck as needed with correct lubrication as per manufacturers specifications
  • Adjust running belt tension
  • Track running belt
  • Calibrate speed and incline as needed
  • Test the treadmill to make sure all systems are working properly

Ellipticals - $149

Elliptical machines provide a lower impact workout than treadmills but still need to be maintained to perform.  Ellipticals have many more pivot points that need to stay tight, lubricated and aligned to prevent premature wear and unnecessary noise while being used.  Our technician will perform the following services to your elliptical:

  • Clean wheels and rails
  • Remove crank arms and pedals to access the machine under the shroud
  • Inspect all pivot points under the shroud and tighten bolts to proper spec
  • Lubricate any parts that require lubrication
  • Check and adjust belt tension
  • Check and adjust resistance motor calibration
  • Reassemble machine
  • Test the elliptical to make sure all programs work and machine runs quiet and smooth

Bikes - $149

Exercise bikes may be simple machines, but they require maintenance to hold up with regular use.  A bike is comprised of frame, cranks, drive belt or chain, resistance system and pedals.  Here is what we will do to service your machine:

  • Pull cranks and remove shrouds covering mechanical system
  • Check and adjust tightness of drive belt or chain and adjust
  • Lubricate chain or wax belt to reduce noise and wear
  • Adjust resistance system
  • Reassemble machine and tighten cranks and pedals
  • Test the bike to make sure all systems are operating

Rowers, Steppers, Climbers - $149

Rowers, steppers and climbers have moving parts, belts, cables, nuts and bolts that can loosen and wear over time.  Our technician will perform the following on a PM for your equipment:

  • Pull all shrouds off the machine
  • Check, adjust and lubricate all necessary parts
  • Reassemble machine
  • Test the rower, stepper, or climber to make sure all systems are operating

Strength Equipment - $149

Home gyms and free weight gyms have moving parts, belts, cables, nuts and bolts that can loosen and wear over time.  Our technician will perform the following on a PM for your strength equipment:

  • Adjustable seats, seat backs and guide rods are cleaned and lubricated
  • Cables and/or belts will be tensioned
  • Frame bolts are all checked for tightness
  • All pulley bolts are tightened
  • All pads are checked for wear, tears and cracks
  • Test the strength equipment to make sure everything is smooth and safe
  • Recommendations will be made to replace any worn or unsafe parts