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Inspire Fitness Abdominal Bar
Offers 4 different concentrated abdominal exercises. Contoured Upholstered Pads with closed cell foam for more comfort and resistance to moisture. Easy attachment to high pulley with quick link. Upper and Lower Handles with non-slip grips to create more isolation for the abdominal muscles. Attaches to any multi-station home gym, high pulley, or lat station. 48" Lat Bar, 20" Revolving Straight Bar, Strap Handles with revolving grips, and Ankle Strap. Lifetime limited warranty.
LeMond Fitness Cloud 9 Indoor Cycling Aero Pad
The LeMond Fitness Cloud 9 Indoor Cycling Aero Pad provides a comfortable cushion for your forearms while using the aero bars on your LeMond Fitness RevMaster Pro or G-force UT bike. This durable, closed-cell foam pad can be quickly added or removed from your handlebars, won’t absorb moisture, and cleans up easily.
Cap Barbell Knee Wrap
Knee wraps provide extra support for the knees while doing leg exercises and can help relieve knee pain and keep you moving in comfort. Sold in pairs.
Body-Solid Strength Training Time Clock
Crunch Time! Keep Track of Your Workout This time keeping marvel has accurate quartz movement that requires one AA battery. It's an exact replica of an Olympic plate that will highlight any fitness room. Made of high-impact polymer resin, this clock weighs only 1 lb.
Cap Barbell Cap Barbell's Definity 1lb. Wrist Weights
Cap Barbell's Definity 1lb slip-on wrist weights are soft and comfortable and enhance all aerobic exercises.
Body-Solid Fitness Training Ropes
$153.00 - $279.00
Body Solid’s fitness training ropes come in four sizes with varying lengths and diameters. All ropes are made of durable poly-twine with wrapped finished ends for durability.
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