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Hoist V Express Home Gym

Hoist V Express Home Gym
Hoist's V Express Home Gym (vented Weight Stack Shields sold separately).
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Build full-body strength with Hoist's compact V Express Home Gym. The articulating press arm lets you perform dumbbell-style presses and flyes (flat, incline and decline), and the fixed handles offer supported seated rows. A tilting back pad and telescoping seat ensure comfortable support and positioning, while the height-adjustable upper roller pads provide proper alignment during seated leg extensions and standing leg curls. Hoist's 150-pound Radial Loc weight stack keeps your workouts smooth and quiet, and the wide-groove pulleys provide an extended range of motion and outstanding cable durability. Plus, Hoist's Split Weight Cabling for mid- and low-pulley exercises delivers twice the cable travel (for dynamic, real-world movements) and half the selected weight (for easier incremental strength gains). There's even a built-in accessory rack for convenient accessory storage.

2.5-pound add-on weight
5-pound add-on weight
14-link chain (for range-of-motion adjustability)
Adjustable strap handles (2)
Exercise poster
Padded ankle strap
Revolving aluminum short straight bar
Revolving aluminum lat pull-down bar