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Hoist V6 Personal Pulley Gym

Hoist V6 Personal Pulley Gym
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Whether you’re looking to build everyday functional fitness, sport-specific strength, better core stability, increased lean muscle mass or general strength, Hoist’s V6 Personal Pulley Gym delivers an efficient, effective way to transform your body. This solid, compact functional trainer is equipped with two independent cable columns, each with its own 150-pound weight stack and 35-position counter-balance pulley with an integrated adjuster system for easy, one-handed adjustments. Vented weight-stack shrouds and Hoist’s Radial Loc weight plates keep your workouts smooth and quiet, wide-groove pulleys provide an extended range of motion and outstanding cable durability, while Hoist’s Split Weight Cabling delivers twice the cable travel (for dynamic, real-world movements) and half the selected weight (for easier incremental strength gains). You’ll also appreciate the integrated, multi-position pull-up bar and the wide selection of included accessory attachments, plus a built-in rack for convenient accessory storage. And, with the V6’s open design and walk-through frame, it's easy to roll in a weight bench or fitness ball (each sold separately) for additional exercise variety.

Adjustable strap handles (2)
Assist strap
Dual-attachment aluminum long bar
Exercise poster
Instructional DVD
Padded ankle/thigh strap
Revolving aluminum short straight bar


Hoist V6 Personal Pulley Gym